#WhySorryRhea is trending at Twitter Today? No Rocket science it must be in connection with Sushant Rajput Alleged Suicide Case and may be because Arnab might be discussing on topic!

We all agree How much Arnab has done for the cause, but #WhySorryRhea – I don’t see much logic in the Topic. As per the discussion one of the witness revealed that “I took Rhea Chakraborty to the mortuary, she put her hand on Sushant’s chest and said ‘sorry babu’: -Surjeet Rathore, Witness.

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So we all are dicussing #WhySorryRhea because she said ‘sorry babu’. Mostly it may be because of deeply felt guilt that she was unable to stop him. Who Knows!

#WhySorryRhea | Rhea entering the mortuary is debatable, but her saying sorry should not be read too much into. It could be guilt, it could be anything: Sonam Mahajan, Social Activist

I agree with you Sonam Mahajan. But i do sense something amiss in your Tweets now-a-days. I do feel you have ‘Mohbahng’, please be a selfless fighter, history ignores selfish ones.

Rhea’s reaction was unnatural and it’s definitely appalling. There are so many discrepancies we are talking about: Samuel Haokip, Sushant Singh Rajput’s Friend