Make No Mistake Thor! Indians can chase you on 100cc Bike

MAKE NO MISTAKE THOR INDIANS CAN CHASE ON 100CC BIKE! Yup it is proven Now as Super Inthusiastic Indian fan has chased Cine God Thor Aka Chris Hemsworth. Chris Hemsworth was in India for the shooting of Extraction. Chris got pleasant surprise when a fan started chasing him on his bike while Chris was in … Read more

#रामदेव_बाबा_पैसे_निकालो Everyone wants Ramdev Baba to Donate Big for COVID-19 Fight

A very Funny and Interesting India Trends is Running at Twitter #रामदेव_बाबा_पैसे_निकालो. It seems EVERYONE WANTS RAMDEV BABA TO DONATE BIG FOR COVID-19 FIGHT. Let me Disclose in Start that ” I am a Big Big Fan of Baba Raamdev”. He has done a Yoga Kranti in India and he is responsible for good health … Read more

Watch Funny Video – Bharti and Terence having Fun in India’s Best Dancer

WATCH FUNNY VIDEO – BHARTI AND TERENCE HAVING FUN IN INDIA’S BEST DANCER TV Show at Sony TV . The laughter, the madness and the dance continues tonight in #IBDGrandPremiere with performances proving that creativity has no limits! You do not want to miss #IndiasBestDancer at 8 PM tonight! WATCH FUNNY VIDEO – BHARTI AND TERENCE HAVING FUN India’s … Read more

Watch Funny Video – Kung Fu Fight India Vs Corona


Good One. Do watch This Funny Video – Kung Fu Fight India Vs Corona. In a Way it clearly shows How India is Dealing with Corona Virus.

1.Keeping A Safe Distance

2.Avoiding A direct Fight

3. Seeing the Right Moment attacks it from Back when it is unknown of sudden attack.

4. Wrap it in to Throw it away.


Rakhi Sawant Vs Corona Virus? Who is More Scarier?

RAKHI SAWANT VS CORONA VIRUS? WHO IS MORE SCARIER? Yup Corona Virus is not something we play with but in all the negativity and hard time we need funny videos like this to have some light moment. Rakhi Sawant India’s Best Dramebaaz is someone who always amazes us with their non-sense Acts. So do watch … Read more

Work From Home – When you are caught by Your Boss?

Amid COVID-19 panedemic fight WORK FROM HOME is the Only way that you can work. But previously ‘work from Home’ was a way to replace your “Today i won’t go to office coz i want to sleep” kind of Leave. so we have super funny Video to share : Watch How a employee who uses … Read more