#रामदेव_बाबा_पैसे_निकालो Everyone wants Ramdev Baba to Donate Big for COVID-19 Fight

A very Funny and Interesting India Trends is Running at Twitter #रामदेव_बाबा_पैसे_निकालो. It seems EVERYONE WANTS RAMDEV BABA TO DONATE BIG FOR COVID-19 FIGHT. Let me Disclose in Start that ” I am a Big Big Fan of Baba Raamdev”. He has done a Yoga Kranti in India and he is responsible for good health … Read more

Baba Ramdev donates 25 Crores to PM Cares Fund for Fighting COVID-19

BABA RAMDEV DONATEs 25 CRORES TO PM CARES FUND FOR FIGHTING COVID-19. Always known to help needy and to help india in Dire Situation, we welcome Patanjali’s financial contribution of 25 crores in Prime Minister’s Fund in disaster and service by millions of workers. Baba Ramdev tweeted “To fight the battle of Corona, Patanjali has … Read more