What kind of society we live in, this corona has not only testing our immunity system but also on Moral compass! SHAME ON US – a Extremly sad Story – HUSBAND DIES DUE TO CORONA, WIFE COMMITS SUICIDE WITH SON-DAUGHTER.

This Corona has made us alone where relatives are just namesake considering everyone is fearing for Life. A real test of Humnity is on.

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The case is of Rajahmundry of Best Godavari, where three members of the same family committed suicide. These three people included mother, son and daughter.

According to the police, since the death of Narasaiya, the family was in a lot of depression. At the same time, family members found that no one was supporting them not even close relatives and friends. 

Due to this also the problems of family members increased.

According to police, son Narsingh Phanikumar (25), daughter Lakshmi Aparna along with mother Parimi Snunita (50) committed suicide. At the same time, police received information about the death of the three from the car from which all three had reached the bridge. Police is currently trying to recover the dead bodies.

Source – कोरोना के कारण पति की मौत, पत्नी ने बेटे-बेटी संग की आत्महत्या