This is what needed from every Indian in this hour. Such News as A FARMER FROM NASHIK IS DISTRIBUTING WHEAT HARVESTED FROM 1 ACRE OF HIS 3-ACRE LAND TO NEEDY AMID COVID-19 PANEDEMIC gives us great hope that we will fight and win this war against unseen and unapologizing enemy of State.

A farmer from Nashik is distributing wheat harvested from 1 acre of his 3-acre land to needy. Datta Ram Patil says,”I am a small farmer.We’re not financially stable but if we have 1 chapatti then we can give half to others who are in dire need”.

Twitter Reacts on Datta Ram Patil

You are the real Warrior! A true Indian! An altogether different breed from the so called Indians who are acting as Chinese agents trying to demean India and Indians