Sunny hindustani out of poverty, living with Indian Idol, now wants to keep her mother like a queen.

Sunny appeared in a TV interview for the first time after winning Indian Idol and shared some of her dreams. In the interview, Sunny said that whatever money I got while living on Indian Idol, I had seen my previous life, the way I and my mother have seen me, but I could not see my mother like this. My mother did not have good clothes, my mother did not have food to eat, I want to fulfill all the things and I want to keep her as queen so that she never lacks any more. I want to fill my mother with happiness with these money.

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Thank you so much Indian Idol, Sony TV and the public, because of which I became the winner of Indian Idol and which made me look so happy for the first time on my mother’s face, I had never seen such a smile on my mother’s face before. , I am very grateful to all the people.

here is full interview video