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Shame on Us – A touching story – Husband dies due to corona, wife commits suicide with son-daughter

What kind of society we live in, this corona has not only testing our immunity system but also on Moral compass! SHAME ON US – a Extremly sad Story – HUSBAND DIES DUE TO CORONA, WIFE COMMITS SUICIDE WITH SON-DAUGHTER. This Corona has made us alone where relatives are just namesake considering everyone is fearing … Read more

How corona is travelling? A Trending Tweet on Migrants Exodus from Delhi

HOW CORONA IS TRAVELLING? A TRENDING TWEET ON MIGRANTS EXODUS FROM DELHI. It is avery apt and sometimes a Picture says it All. Treatment the Innocent Migrants Workers recieved from Delhi Administration is awful and shameful. It is been Alleged on Social Media That Arvind Kejriiwal is the biggest fraudster and is playing Third class politics as Delhi … Read more

JSL group pledges to Donate 100 cr and Complements with other Donations for Fighting COVID-19

JSL GROUP PLEDGES TO DONATE 100 CR AND COMPLEMENTS WITH OTHER DONATIONS FOR FIGHTING COVID-19. PM Modi’s call for generous donations by Indian is creating a well deserved emotion among us and everyone as per their capacity are coming forward and helping India in this Devilish Times. JSL GROUP PLEDGES TO DONATE 100 CR AND … Read more

Real Heroes :- A farmer from Nashik is distributing wheat harvested from 1 acre of his 3-acre land to needy Amid COVID-19 Panedemic

This is what needed from every Indian in this hour. Such News as A FARMER FROM NASHIK IS DISTRIBUTING WHEAT HARVESTED FROM 1 ACRE OF HIS 3-ACRE LAND TO NEEDY AMID COVID-19 PANEDEMIC gives us great hope that we will fight and win this war against unseen and unapologizing enemy of State. A farmer from … Read more

#रामदेव_बाबा_पैसे_निकालो Everyone wants Ramdev Baba to Donate Big for COVID-19 Fight

A very Funny and Interesting India Trends is Running at Twitter #रामदेव_बाबा_पैसे_निकालो. It seems EVERYONE WANTS RAMDEV BABA TO DONATE BIG FOR COVID-19 FIGHT. Let me Disclose in Start that ” I am a Big Big Fan of Baba Raamdev”. He has done a Yoga Kranti in India and he is responsible for good health … Read more

When will M S Dhoni donate for Fighting COVID-19?

When The Bollywood superstars and Circketers have started donating to help PM Modi in fighting COVID-19 but then we have Bignames still missing from List. Most sought After is M S Dhoni. He is one ot the Most loved Cricketer of All Time and is this the ways he pays India for All the Love … Read more


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