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PM Narendra Modi addresses the Nation on vital aspects relating to the menace of COVID19. We have listed TOP POINTS OF PM MODI’S ADDRESS ON COVID-19 ON 24-03-2020.

This will be PM Modi’s second address to the nation within a week.

Biggest build-up to PM Narendra Modi’s address. Lockdown compliance to be on focus. Major announcements are expected during PM Modi’s address tonight at 8 PM.

From 12 pm midnight, there will be complete lockdown in the entire country. This will be akin to a curfew and will be implemented with full compliance


  • The entire country will be under lockdown from 12 midnight today
  • The lock down will be enforced for 21 days to break the cycle of infection
  • Every state, UT, district and village will be locked down. It’s a kind of curfew itself, like the Janata curfew
  • Do not believe in rumours and superstitions
  • Red circle Do Not take any medicine without Doctor’s prescriptions
  • Steps have been taken to ensure supply of essential commodities.
  • Govt has made an allocation of 15000 Cr for improvement of medical facilities in the country.
  • Black medium small square Priority of state govts should be Heath care.
  • No matter what, we should stay at home.
  • We should not cross the Laxman Rekha of our homes.
  • Social Distancing is the only Option to Combat.

It’s not that these nations are not trying or lack efforts; but the coronavirus is spreading so rapidly that despite all the efforts, the challenge is increasing

There is no other way to avoid corona, there’s no way.   The corona has to stop spreading, So the cycle of its infection has to be broken.

Colleagues, You are also listening to and watching the state of the world on the Corona global epidemic through news. You are also seeing how this epidemic has completely destroyed even the most capable countries of the world.

The negligence of some people, the wrong thinking of some people, you, Your children, To your parents, To your family, Your friends, Will put the whole country in great trouble .

Complete LockDown in India

Tonight from 12 o’clock across the country, listen carefully, all over the country, from 12 o’clock all over the country, the entire lockdown is going to happen. That is, there is a complete ban on exiting homes from 12 o’clock tonight.

To save India, every citizen of India is being banned from 12 o’clock tonight, on exiting the houses, completely .

If we are not able to manage the upcoming 21 days (of nationwide complete lockdown), we will be pushed back 21 years

Social Distancing

If you are careless in following social distancing, India will have to pay a heavy price that we can’t manage.

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