A very Funny and Interesting India Trends is Running at Twitter #रामदेव_बाबा_पैसे_निकालो. It seems EVERYONE WANTS RAMDEV BABA TO DONATE BIG FOR COVID-19 FIGHT. Let me Disclose in Start that ” I am a Big Big Fan of Baba Raamdev”.

He has done a Yoga Kranti in India and he is responsible for good health and Long age of Crores of Elders of India. The Ayurvedic Medicines Once so costly that Most of us have avoided purchasing but Beacuse of Patanjali Ayurvedic Meds are within the Reach of Common and Poor Indians.

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Why #रामदेव_बाबा_पैसे_निकालो is Trending at Twitter?

Now that everyOne is cotributing to PM Cares Fund for Fighting COVID-19, it is not very surprising that Baba Ramdev is expected to Donate.

But Mind you Baba is already donating

Not many of you have known but Patanjali became a messiah for Uttarakhand Corona patients . Government machinery was damaged. Patanjali donated crores of machines in this emergency # COVID2019 Investigation Lab Patanjali Research Institute donated RTPCR (Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction) machine useful in corona investigation in national interest .