Undoubtedly Garlic contains sevaral Medicinal attributes that helps Human body in fighting Diseases. But will it help in saving one from getting infected with Coronovirus in India. No researh or studies are done yet as per my knowledge.

CORONAVIRUS IN INDIA is very New virus strain so saying or suggesting anything will have no source to back it up. But This is the Case with All of our Ayurvedic gems, world goes on to refute our claims but we indians knows the benefits of it.

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Benefits of Garlic

Benefits of Garlic – Baba Ramdev – YouTube

CORONAVIRUS Spread in World



It may or may not. We don’t know yet. So whatever doctors and Government Advisories say we should follow. Eating Garlic is certainly a great food habit which we indians follow from old times and we will follow now but considering as the medicine or Vaccines kind effective in the case of Corona Virus is not advisable at all.

As for the Use of Garlic- WHO has made it clear that even though garlic has immunity to fight against many diseases, it is absolutely untrue to fight against corona or to treat it.

Turmeric intake is also not effective in treating this virus. However, turmeric has many natural properties. The World Health Organization has made it clear that so far no such information has been revealed in which it can be confirmed.